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 Market Update


Update April 25, 2015

     We will be at The City Market in Kansas City:

     Sunday,  April 26 from 8-3 and Saturday, May 3 from 7-3

     We will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market:

     Saturday, May 3 from 7-11

     We have lots of new and exciting products(O.K. so we think they are exciting) that would make great Mother's Day gifts...dried lavender in burlap(really neat), little "Peeps" handmade and filled with lavender, eye pillows, neck comforters in loads of colors, plus all of our old stand bys.

     Please come by and say hello!

   More to come...

 Update April 18, 2015

     We will officially open the farm on Mothers Day, May 10, 2015 from 10-5.  The plants will just be starting to "green up."  After that we will be open Wednesdays through Fridays from 9-1.  Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30 to 4.  Other dates by appointment. 

     It already been an exciting Spring. We have been repairing "stuff"--barns, tractors, etc.  We have started to weed the plants and mow the grass.  And the shop will have a somewhat different look as we are lowering the ceiling.  This coming Monday we will pick up our plants from The Flower Farm in Gardner.  Keith, Roberta and "the kids" have taken cuttings from our plants and have propagated them over the winter--nearly 800!  Can't wait to see them!

     We will be at The City Market, Saturday, April 25.  What fun!! We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!

Much more to come...


Update April 6, 2015

     And so it begins and we are really excited.  We will be at:

     The Lawrence Farmers Market Saturday, April 11.  7-11

     The City Market in Kansas City Saturday April 25 and May 5.  7-3.  We will add in additional dates as they develop.  Our farm opens on Mother's Day, May 10.

AND, we are having a Washington Creek Lavender Open House Saturday and Sunday, June 13 & 14. Much more to come on this later.

     A number of people have asked us when we put in our new plants.  Lavender, in most cases, is a perennial and we try and put in additional plants after the last frost in the spring.  A great guessing game but early mid-May usually works.

     much more later...

Update March 18, 2015

     Hopefully the above picture is what our fields will look like in late May, June, and July.  When you think about it, it really is less than 90 days to the middle of June.  Wow, where has the time gone?  We will offically open the farm on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10th.  We will then be open Wednesday-Friday 9-1, Saturday and Sunday, noon to 4.  Other times by appointment.

     We have "practiced" with our still and should be ready for a "real" batch soon.  We have just received our 4th shipment of our handmade lavender mugs from the Nicholas Mosse Pottery Co. in Ireland.  The response has been super.  Here is an example:  Got them today! They're are really pretty with such a nice, shiny glaze! I hope there will be more pieces to go with this! I love the lavender that you sent, mmmmmm! It is the most fragrant that I have ever smelled. Thank you.

      No, no thank YOU!  These are handmade just for us and are available in our gift shop, and in our on-line store.

     And so, it is back to the fields.   More to come...


Update February 28, 2015

     First, as the snow is coming down we could not help but post the above picture.  In a few months that is exactly how it will bee(punn intended and fingers crossed).

     Second, the response was terrific to our "What do we do about our hours" question with almost a 100% agreement .  One person wanted an early morning opening with coffee and scones and we just might add that every once in a while and get some help at the same time harvesting.  More about that later.  A big THANK YOU to all that responded!

     So, here goes.  We will officially open the farm on Mothers Day, May 10, 2015.  After that we will be open Wednesdays through Fridays from 9-1.  Saturdays and Sundays from Noon to 4.  Other dates by appointment.

     We also are planning an Open House/Lavender Festival for the weekend of June 13 & 14.  Much more about this to come. 

     Finally, this year we will be at both the Lawrence Farmers Market and The City Market in Kansas City.  Please check here as spring draws closer for exact dates for each market.

    Again thank you to all for your continued support. 

     More to come!!

Update February 11, 2015

     The season is beginning and we are getting ready--repairing tractors and equipment, planting grass seed, and making lots of new products for our store. 

     Speaking of  the store and farm, we need your help.  For the past four weeks we have been discussing our farm hours for this year.  Back and forth we have gone and we  are still not sure we have them right so, we wanted to ask you what you thought.  So, here it goes:  Farm and store open Wednesday through Friday from 9-1.  Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4.  At other times we would be open by appointment only.  Our thinking was this:  It gets real hot after 1 PM so best to close; however, we would stay open until four on the weekends.

     And so, if you could find the time to send us an e-mail and agree or give us your thoughts we would greatly appreciate it.  Our e-mail address is 

     Also, we will open for the summer on May 16th.

     More to come...

Update February 2, 2015

     In less than two weeks Valentine's Day will be here.  As a gift for that "special someone" consider our new Irish handmade lavender mug.  There are less than 75 in existence and they are made just for us!  If you purchase one between now and Valentine's Day we will send you a hand painted 1/4 oz sachet as our way of saying thank you!  Just go to the store icon next to the mug picture above and you will be taken to our store.

     Also, our new STILL is being delivered today(we hope) so we will be moving forward with our essential oil and hydrosol production.  It came!  What fun!

     In our next update we will hopoefully announce the dates for our late spring early summer open house lavender festival and our farmers market schedule!

More to come...

Update January 17, 2015

     Yes, Valentine's Day is less than one month away.  It does not seem possible.  Lavender makes "the" perfect Valentine's Day gift.  Please check out our on-line shop by clicking the store icon next to the picture above.  As our way of saying thank you for each order you make, we will include an organza bag filled with 1/4 oz of organic lavender as our gift to you.   Just a reminder,  our latest order of one-of-a-kind handmade Irish lavender mugs have arrived!  A perfect gift!

     Spring IS just around the corner.  The temperature today reached 50+ and there are buds on the trees.  Yes, buds! Our ground has been tilled and we are waiting to be able to plant more than 700 new lavender starter plants that are being propagated from our plants.

     And so, on such a beautiful day it's back to work!

More to come...

Update January 14, 2015

    Just had to post the above picture to remind us all that SPRING is really just around the corner!  We are making plans for this year, farmers markets, our summer and fall open house schedule, our daily hours when the store will be open.  We think we learned a lot from the folks who came by as to what may be the best times(and we thank them for their input) for our summer hours.  A couple of more weeks and we should be ready to announce everything.  We really are excited

     Also, our latest shipment of our exclusive Mosse Lavender pattern handmade mugs from Ireland arrived yesterday.  They look super and to everyone that wanted one, they are here! Please check our store(button next to Bee picture) for ordering information.

     And so again for one more time a big THANK YOU for your support in 2014 and now it's on to 2015.

     More to come...

Update January 2, 2015

     A big Thank You and Happy New Year from all of us here at WCL.  Lots to share as the winter moves on!!

Update December 26, 2014, Boxing Day

     It is Boxing Day!  But what you may ask "is" boxing day.  Our best research(and speaking with an old Brit friend), Boxing Day is(or was) a day off  for the hired help in the UK when they received a Christmas present or Christmas "Box" from their boss; hence, Boxing Day.  Nothing really  to do with lavender but a fun fact anyway!

     Yes, that is our tractor above, not this year but last year.  We hope we get snow soon(don't be angry) because it provides good insulation against the bitter cold!  This past winter was brutal on our plants we think because we did not have a good snow cover before the extreme cold set in.  So, here's hoping for a good old fashioned snow(before the  cold)...!

    Since winter is here our store is closed; however, our on-line store remains open.  If we may be of help please give us a shout. 

     Again, Happy Holidays and the best for 2015.

     More to come...

Update December 15, 2014

     A big "Thank You" to all that were able to make it to the Lawrence Holiday Farmers Market this past Saturday.  We saw lots of old friends and made many new ones.  Again, "Thank You!"

     As we have said in the past, lavender makes a great gift.  We still have a small number of our Irish handmade mugs and our dryer sheets/pillow inserts.       If you are looking for that special gift please take a look at our on-line store(eye pillows, fire starters, sachets, lavender trios plus much more.  And were are certified organic!  You may find just what you want!  Thank You!!

     More to come...

Update December 4, 2014

     Where is 2014 going? It does not seem possible that 2015 is just around the corner!  As we were talking about the lavender fields last evening and what we may do "in 2015" we decided to post a picture of the cut lavender to remind us, that in fact ,it "is" fast approaching. 

     Our next big event will be the Lawrence Farmers Holiday Market on December 13th.  If you can make it we would love to see you.  This is really the last time in 2014 that the farmers have a chance to personally talk with their customers/friends and offer their products.  We will have lots of items that make great holiday gifts,  from the new mugs to our ever faithful dryer sheets.  Plus our sachets, neck comforters, closet hangers, sachet trios to name just a few.  Also special holiday items to include--lavender tree ornaments, dolls with lavender filled aprons, eye glass and Iphone holders with lavender!  If you can't make it to the Holiday Market please take a look at our on-line shop by clicking on the "Click Here Visit Our Store" icon next to the lavender picture. 

     Lavender has so many great uses from being a terrific sleep aid to replacing moth balls to keep moths away from your wool items.  It is a unique, functional, and fun gift!  Again thank you!

More to come...

Update November 26, 2014

     The holiday season is upon us and we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.  We really do appreciate it and we will continue to work hard to earn it!

     The mugs are here, the mugs are here(pictured above)! 

     Yes, as we mentioned about a month ago we have been working with the Nicholas Mosse Pottery Company in Ireland to develop a lavender pattern.  The first item is the mug.

     All of Mosse's mugs go through a 20 step handmade process.  Their mugs, bowls and plates have been in our house for more than 20 years and we noticed  they did not have a lavender pattern.  Working with them for nearly six months they developed the pattern you see here.  It is truly exciting!  

     The mug along with many of our other products are available in our on-line shop.  To go to the shop please click on the "Click Here to go to Our Shop" button located next to the picture of the mug.

     Lavender products make great holiday gifts.  There are many things that they are NOT.  They are not food, clothing or jewelry.  But they ARE gender neutral, have great soothing qualties, help releave stress, are great as a sleep aide, and  have a terrific scent(to name but a few qualities).  As we have mentioned many times our products are handmade, hand painted, we grow our own lavender, and we are Certified Organic!

     So, for that unique gift for that special someone, please consider one of our lavender products!

     Again, thank you for your support and Happy Holidays.

More to come...

Update November 22, 2014

     "Oh, the weather outside is delightful..."  Yes, spring is back for a day or two and that is super as today and tomorrow(Nov. 22, 23) we are at the Pendleton's Country Market Open House from 9-5 and at Au Marche on Mass St. from 1:30 -3:30 for their open house!  Lots of fun lavender products for the holidays.  If you are out and about please stop by and say hello!

     More to come...

Update November 14, 2014

      And so, winter is here for a while!  Tomorrow four inches of snow??  So, we thought the above picture, which looks like our farm(take out the mountains)fits perfectly.

     As for our holiday plans, we will be at the Pendleton's Country Market  all day on November 22 for their open house!   Also, we will be at Au Marche on Mass. St in Lawrence from 11-2 on the same day!  Temperatures are supposed to be in the high 40s to low 50s!

     We will also be at the Lawrence Holiday Farmers Market on December 13th.

     We are hoping that the plants are dealing well with the cold weather.  We will know in the spring. 

     If you are unable to make the three events mentioned above please have a look at our farm store(click on the button next to the barn picture) or find our products at the HyVee stores on 6th and 23rd streets in Lawrence, and the Flower Farm in Gardner, Ks.(20335 S. Moonlight).

     More to come...

Update November 10, 2014

     A big THANK YOU to all that came to our open house this past weekend.  We saw many old friends and made many new ones! 

     Also, a big thank you to J&S Coffee at 4821 West 6th St. in Lawrence for super coffee, HyVee on 23rd for terrific cookies, and our friends at the Flower Farm 20335 S. Moonlight in Gardner for the Poinsettia plants and for taking cuttings from our plants to propagate some 700 plants over the winter.  Again, thank you!

      A number of folks asked us when we trim back our lavender?  We mainly cut ours back in the spring.  Of couse the plants get a "bit of a shave" when we harvest in early to mid summer.  Some folks cut their plants back in the fall as well.

     More to come...

Update November 8, 2014

     Thank you to all the folks that came by to see us today.  We have one more day of the Holiday Open House tomorrow, Sunday!  If you can make it please stop by.  Lots to see, cider, water and J&S coffee to drink and cookies to eat.  That's Buddy in the picture.  We rescued him many, many years ago.  He loves the fields and we hope you will as well!

     More to come...

Update November 6, 2014

     It's almost the weekend and we are getting the barn ready for the Open House(10-5 both Saturday and Sunday).  The fields are in the process of being tilled(areas where we will plant in the spring) and the Christmas tree is almost trimmed!  Hope you will be able to stop by. 

     Again, our address is 858 East 800 Rd in Lawrence(please scroll to the bottom for a link to a map). 

     Thank you for your support and we hope you can come by and say hello(J&S coffee and HyVee cookies--what fun!!).  Thanks for your support.

     More to come.

Update November 3, 2014

     It's November so now it is OK to talk about the holidays, yes? 

     When we were last at the  farmers market we were talking with a customer about "why" lavender for the holidays(or anytime for that matter) was good to give as a gift.  The things that lavender "isn't" as well as "is" make it perfect.  It is not food or alcohol, male or female, clothing or jewelry.  It is for all ages.  It is light so it may be shipped easily and relatively inexpensively.  It lasts for years and is "unique!"

     All of the above along with all the soothing, healing, relaxing properties of lavender in general make it a perfect gift!. 

     If you are looking for that special gift for that special someone and you want to really enjoy buying it, please come to our Open House Saturday and Sunday November 8 & 9 from 10-5 each day.  Walk in the fields and enjoy the serenity of the lavender as it is readying itself for a cold winter(we hope not too cold!).  Then, come into our barn shop, have some refreshments, see the tree, and peacefully look at our hand made, hand painted products.  Just enjoy!  We hope you can make it this weekend.  Rain or shine we will be open.  We are located at 858 East 800 Rd in Lawrence(just south of Clinton Lake and just east of Lonestar Lake).

     If you can't make it please look at our web store by clicking the button just above and to the left of the tree(this takes out the serenity part but still provides an opportunity to find that special gift). 

     Let us be the first to wish you happy holidays and the best for 2015. Can you believe 2015?  Where does the time go?

     More to come...

Update October 28, 2014

     Yes, we are having an open house at the farm on November 8 and 9 from 10 -5 each day!  Please come by and enjoy the beautiful out doors and look for that holiday gift for that "special" someone!  we have loods of new handmade products from dolls to beautiful Kansas mugs and Irish lavender mugs designed especially for us.  And then there are our Dryer sheets/pillow inserts;  hats to sachets, "Doggie banndannas" to eye pillows and neck comforters to closet hangers, all handmade with great loving care.

More to come...

Update October 24, 2014

     Please consider giving lavender as a gift this holdiay season.  It is a unique gift!  We will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market on Saturday October 25 from 8-12.  The weather will be beautiful!

Much more to come...

Update October 20, 2014

     First, a big thank you to all the new folks we met and our old friends that came by to say hello at the Maple Leaf Festival.  Again, a terrific thank you!

     Second, we are having a Holiday Open House at the farm Saturday, November 8 and Sunday November 9 from 10-5 each day.  Come by and see the fields as they are getting ready for the winter and do a bit of holiday shopping in our farm store.  We will have a great tree, refreshments and lots of items for the holiday season.  More specifics as we get closer.

     Also with each update we thought we would provide information on different uses for lavender.  So, here we go:  Scientific evidence suggest that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders...Source, Lavender/University of Maryland Medical Center.  Our pillow inserts and eye pillows fill the bill!

     More to come...


Update October 13, 2014

     We will be at the Baldwin Maple Leaf Festival Saturday October 18th and Sunday October 19th each day from 9-5.  We will be in the Lumber Yard Arts Center right in the center of town.  If you get time please come out and see us. 

     We are announcing a couple of new products, one is the new Nicholas Mosse Lavender Mug designed especially for Washington Creek Lavender.  All of Mosse's mugs go through a 20 step handmade process.  Their mugs, bowls and plates have been in our house for more than 20 years and we noticed that they did not have a lavender pattern.  Working with them for nearly six months they developed the pattern you see here.  It is truly exciting!  Needless to say the mug is available in our shop( on top left next to the leaf picture).

     Finally, we hope to have a lavender farm open house in early/mid November...Christmas tree and all!  More on this later this month!

     More to come...

Update October 10, 2014

     Yes, a big thank you to all that went on the Kaw Valley Farm Tour and to those who stopped by our farm.  We had more than 500 people come by and again, THANK YOU!

     Now, some may say we are rushing the season; however, so many folks have been asking us about holiday gifts(and doing a lot of their Christmas shopping on line) that we thought we would mention our store(button just to the left of the picture) which has new products for the holidays. If there is something you don't see but might like, give us a shout and we will see if we can make it(lavender of course).

   Also, we will be at The City Market in Kansas City Saturday October 11th and at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin on October 18th & 19th.

     Again, THANK YOU for your support.

     More to come...


Update September 29, 2014

     The Kaw Valley Farm Tour is Saturday and Sunday, October 4 & 5 from 10-6 each day.  We will be on the tour and below is a google map of our location.  The address in the tour booklet is INCORRECT.  Our farm address is 858 East 800 Road in Lawrence, KS.

Update September 25, 2014

     Just a quick update for this weekend, September 27th, Saturday,  we will be at The City Market in Kansas City,  weather permitting.  The weekend of October 4th and 5th is the Kaw Valley Farm Tour and our farm will be open both days from 10-6.

     As we  discussed in the past, this last winter was really tough on many of our plants.  Grosso was the variety that took the biggest hit; yet, until this year it had thrived.  We are hoping this last year was unique and  this winter will not be as cold(fingers crossed). Having said this, two of our varieties did very well tolerating the cold, Buena Vista and Folgate both of which are angustifolias where Grosso is an Xintermedia. 

     You may want to take this into consideration when you are planning your Spring planting. We have tried planting in the fall and have been very unsuccesful so we do all of our planting in the Spring(this coming spring we are increasing our Buena Vista by approximately 300 and filling in where we have lost  Grosso with 200+ plants).  But again, all of this may jsut be a result of "where we are" and depending on your "zone" fall planting may work very well.

     There is a terrific book that really provides lots of great information for all "things" lavender:  growing, planting, pruning, weather tolerance etc.---The Lavender Lover's Handbook by Sarah Berringer Bader.  It's a super guide and a great resource. 

     And finally, we are in the process of updating our store(products and pictures).  So, if you get a minute, please click on the "Store" button at the top left next to our unbrella picture and give it a look.  Thank you for your support!

More to come...



Update September 17th, 2014

     OK, so maybe we did rush the season a bit with the last update picture.However, it really is never to early to plan for the holidays.  Today's high 70s and humidty brought us back to earth.  A number of folks have asked us where we would be this fall, so here is a brief schedule for the next few weeks:

September 20, Saturday, Lawrence Farmers Market weather permitting.

September 27th, Saturday, The City Market in Kansas City, again weather permitting

October 4th & 5th the KAW Valley Farm Tour "weather" or not it rains or shines we will be open from 10-6 each day.  There was a small problem with the ticket book and the map for the tour, our address is incorrect.  Close but not quite correct.  The Farm address is 858 East 800 Road.  We will put up full directions as we get closer to the tour.

Also, we will be at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin, October 18th & 19th in the Lumberyard Arts Center!

We will be filling in other markets as we move in to fall.

An update on the fields.  We have all of the plant rows weeded and we are working on pruning.  We have been unable to mow as our tractor broke down; however, it was fixed today by Lonnie Downing and we are ready to roll(once it drys out a bit).  Next time we will take a look at what "they" say are the best lavender plants for this area to make it through a tough winter.

More to come...


Update September 12, 2014

     Brrrrrrr!  Golly, when did winter arrive?  It sure got cool/cold all of a sudden!  It just reminds us all that the holidays are fast approaching and as it says up top, "It's Never Too Early" to plan ahead and pick up that "special" gift.  Please note that we will be at The City Market in Kansas City tomorrow September 13th in booth #69.  We will not be at the Lawrence Farmers market until next Saturday, September 20th. 

     Also, we are currently working on our web store(button in the upper left) and adding new pictures and new products!  We have some exciting news about some new products that we will be announcing later this coming week. Please check it out as the week progresses   What fun!!

     We have had phone problems(oh those land lines!) and messages have been received, but garbled.  So, if you have called and have not heard back, we appologize--we could not understand the number.  We ARE getting a new phone(we think a cup of tea may have been the problem). Oops!

     As for the fields, all 6,000 lavender plants have been weeded and now we are in the final stages of preparing the plants for winter(pruning, etc.)  Speaking of the fields, our farm will be open by appointment only from now until the KAW Valley Farm Tour( which is Saturday and Sunday October 4 & 5 from 10-6 each day).  Much more to come on this as we get closer!

     And finally, a big Thank You to all that have come by our farm or stopped by to see us at the Lawrence Farmers Market and The City Market in Kansas City.  We look forward to being of continued service!

     More to come...

Update September 5, 2014

     As you cn see by the picture above our harvest is done and the bunches are drying.  A great feeling!

     Our farm will be open Saturday, September 6 from 1-4 and we will also be at the Lawrence Farmers Market from 8-12.  Please note the farmers market hours have changed for the fall.

     The farm will be closed Sunday as we will be working at the Bluejacket Crossing Winery for the Grape Stomp to benefit the Lawrence Farmers Market. 
     This fundraising event will take place from 1-5 at the winery 1969 N 1250 Rd in Eudora Kansas.  Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy the vineyard, watch and or participate in the "grape stomp," bid on silent auction items donated by the Lawrence Farmers Market vendors, and have a wonderful day in the fields(also great games and activities for the kids).

More to come...


Update August 29th, 2014

     We will be at both The City Market in Kansas City(7-3) and the Lawrence Farmers Market(7-11) Saturday, August 30th.  Also, the farm will be open Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 but we will be CLOSED on Labor Day!

     Yes, we are just about there.  Another couple of weeks and we will have all of the weeding around the nearly 6,000 plants completed.  We are gearing up for the KAW Valley Farm Tour to be held the first weekend in October!  If you have time we hope you will stop by the farm.(More about this later).  Also, we will be at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin the 3rd weekend in October!  A lot to do but great fun!

More to come...

Update August 20th, 2014

     As we sit here in the late August heat we could just not resist posting this picture from last winter.  If the snow had only come a bit earlier it may have helped better insulate the plants and saved some 'winter kill;" but it didn't and so it goes.  As we mentioned last time we have been doing a lot of farm/plant maintenance...finishing the harvest(some stragglers still had buds and flowers); doing plant surgery(some minor some major to see how they make it through this coming winter)and making lots of products for this late summer/fall season. 

     We will be opening up the farm again this coming weekend(August 23 & 24) from 1-4.  We will also be at both the Lawrence Farmers Market(7-11) and The City Market(7-3) in Kansas City this Saturday the 23rd.

     Now to hopefully answer a question we are getting quite often, "I can't seem to grow lavender.  I give it plenty of water just like my other plants and it still won't live.  Why?"  The answer may be just as simple as "you may be giving the lavender too much water.  Lavender likes dry feet and therefore does not need nor want as much water as other plants.  Try cutting back on the water(after the plants have been established) and see what happens!  Hope this helps.

     And, it's never too early to start thinking about those special gifts for the holiday season.  We just could not resist...

     More to come...


Update August 10th, 2014

It was great seeing old friends and making new ones at the farmer's markets this weekend. 

Just a quick reminder that our farm will be closed for maintenance this coming week, August 11th-18th.   It just has to be done. 

The lavender is drying in the drying barn and the fields are 1/3 ready for winter.

Thank you for your continued support!

More to come...

Update August 4, 2014

During the month of August our farm hours are:  9-12 Wednesday through Friday and 1-4 Saturday and Sunday.  We will be closed the entire week of August 11th(11th through the 18th) for farm maintenance.  We will be at both the Lawrence Farmers Market and The City Market in Kansas City this coming Saturday August 9th(weather permitting.

More to come...

Update July 31, 2014

     Now that the initial harvest is over it's time to get the fields ready for fall and then winter.  We are trimming the plants and we will be tilling new rows in the next few weeks.  Lots of other things are going on as well, from stripping the dried lavender to setting up the still to making new products for the fall! 

     We have been getting many questions about when to plant lavender?  Our best luck has been in the spring after the last frost.  We have given fall planting a try with mixed results.  So our suggestion is to plant in the spring.  

     We will be open at the farm this weekend, August 2 & 3 from 1-4 in the afternoon(858 East 800 Rd., in Lawrence) and also  at the Lawrence Farmers Market(on New Hampshire between 7th & 8th) on Saturday from 7-11AM Please come by and say hello and remeber, it really is not too early to look for that special holiday gift!  Honest!

One final note:  We are fortunate to be highlighted in this weeks High Plains Journal--cover and all.  Here is the link: 

Thank you!

More to come...

Update July 22, 2014

In just the nick of time the harvest is complete.  We beat the 100 degree heat by less than 24 hours.  We will begin to strip the lavender after it drys in our drying barn.  Please come by and see the drying barn and walk through the fields of  green mounds.  AND, even in this heat it is never too early to start thinking about the holidays(a lady came by this past Saturday and started her holiday shopping!).  No groans please.

We will be at The City Market this Saturday, July 26, 2014 with lots of newly cut and dried lavender.

More to come...


Update July 16th, 2014

Yes, the cutting is almost done.  We will most likely be finished with the harvest early next week if not before(depending on the weather).  There are still lots of things to see--the plants, the drying operation, stripping, and the Barn Shop.  Our hours this weekend on the farm are 1-4 on both Saturday and Sunday. 

If you are planning to come and see us please be advised that there are numerous detours in Lawrence.  There are two seasons in Kansas(and every other state as well) Winter and Road Construction.  If you are coming from either the east or west our suggestion is to take 70 to the Lecompton exit, cross the dam at Clinton Lake and take 458  south to 800 Rd.  Turn left on 800 and come approximately 1 1/2 miles and we are on the left(in an earlier update there is a google map(but please be advised that 458 from 59 Highway to the Dam is closed)

We will be at both The City Market in Kansas City(7AM-2PM) and the Lawrence Farmers Market(7-11 AM) on Saturday July 19th.

More to come...



Update July 9th, 2014

Yes, the harvest has begun and we have nearly filled the drying barn for the first time.  We hope to do it at least once more!

We will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market this Saturday, July 12.  We will be at The City Market in Kansas City, Saturday July 19th.

Please come by and pick up an early holiday gift or a fresh bouquet of organic lavender just for you!

Finally, we hope to be in full "distilling mode" before the end of July.  What fun!

More to come...

Update July 6th, 2014

     A big thank you to all for a super weekend.  We saw many old friends and made many new ones at the Lawrence Farmers Market, The City Market in Kansas City and at our barn store on Sunday.  

And what a treat to read the story by Jan Biles in the Topeka Capital Journal about our farm  As a result, we met lots of folks from Topeka who came to the farm.  Thank You! 

Monday we continue the harvest and hopefully fill the barn by the end of the day.  We shall see...

More to come...


Update July 4th, 2014

First, Happy Fourth of July!

Second, we are having one terrific harvest!  We will have fresh lavender bouquets at both the Lawrence Farmers Market and The City Market in Kansas City tomorrow morning July 5th.  The fragrance is super and the stems are long and wonderful. We hope to see you there! 

Also, they are available at our barn on Saturday and Sunday!

More to come...

Update June 30, 2014

Buddy our rescue Irish Setter is enjoying the fields so plan on stopping by and enjoying them as well this holiday weekend!  We will be open as indicated above and we will also be at both the Lawrence Farmers Market from 7-11 and The City Market in Kansas City from 6AM to 3PM both on Saturday July 5! 

We are in the throws of harvesting and the plants are reaching their purple best. AND, if all goes well within the next couple of weeks we will begin distilling our lavender to make essential oils!

More to come...

Update June 27, 2014

We will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market Saturday, June 28th weather permitting.  We have had folks ask us why the weather causes us not to do the market(s)?  All of our products are soft goods based lavender products...eye pillows, sachets, etc.  It is not good for them to get wet or really damp. Even with a tent they would stand a good chance of water damage so we  don't to take the risk. 

Speaking of products, Kathy has made two new ones...a tissue holder with lavender and an eye case that has lavender as well! 

And finally, the harvest has really started.  Today we harvest Melissa and Buena Vista  and take them to the drying barn.  Planting also continues with a new lavender(for us) Seal.  Long stems and a great fragrance.  We will see in the spring!

More to come...

Update June 20, 2014

Yes, the field is "getting purple."  Many, many plants are still very distressed; however, a good number of those that we thought were gone have started to rally!

We will be at both the Lawrence Farmers Market and the City Market in Kansas City this Saturday, June 21. Come see us and welcome in the first day of summer with fresh lavender!  We will have a limited number of bunches but we will have some!  So please come and see us!

More to come...

Update June 15, 2014

What a great day yesterday.  Thirty members of the Manhatten Seniors organization came  to the farm and what a delightful group.  Wonderful questions, and great fun showing them the barn and the fields. The picture above was taken just before they arrived.   Jack had a super time. 

Kathy was at the Lawrence Farmers Market and had a terrific time as well seeing old friends and making new ones!    Thank you to all.

Due to the rain early this morning on top of what we had during the week we will be closed until Wednesday at 9AM. 
The fields are a bit, to say the least "soggy;" however they are starting to gain buds and turn purple(again, as the picture above shows)! 

We are planning on being at both the Lawrence Farmers Market and The City Martket in Kansas City on Saturday, June 21st.  Kathy has made two new products, a glass case which contains lavender, and a tissue box that has lavender as well.  What fun!

More to come...

Update June 13, 2014

Rain, rain, and more rain; but golly did we need it! The plants seem to have taken big drinks and are now in for a rest.  Many of the plants we thought had died have again started to "green up."

Tomorrow June 14th we will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market from 7-11 AM.  Also, our Barn Store will be open from 9-4.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful. Also, please check out our web store by clicking on the tab in the upper left.

Yes, lavender will make a great Father's Day gift.  An eye pillow for sleeping, a neck comforter for relaxing, perfect ways to say, "Thank You Dad." And a big thank you to you for stopping by our web site.  If you get time, come and see us at the farm.  A map is posted below.

More to come...

Update June 6, 2014

A big thank you to all that came out to the opening of our fields this past Sunday.  It was a beautiful day and everyone was terrific!  And, what is also terrific is that many of our plants have started to "color up."  What fun! 

We will not be at any markets this weekend(lots of rain in the forecast and our lavender products do not do well in the rain); however, we will have our store and fields open on Sunday, June 8 from noon until 4pm!  Please see the map below for directions.

Please go by and see our friends at the Lawrence Farmers Market and The City Market in Kansas City and get your veggies, flowers, and meats for the week!

More to come...

Update May 29, 2014

As promised, here are a couple of pictures from the lavender fields.This picture above shows how far we have come with the weeding, and the plants look fairly good.Here is a closer look at a plant that is awake and doing well.Here is one that is asleep and working hard to come back!

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday  or any of the "daze" we are open this summer.

More to  come...

Update May 27, 2014

Yes, we are giving it a go and we will open the farm Sunday, June 1 at 9:30 AM.  To eliminate any confusion,  our address is 858 East 800 Road, Lawrence, Kansas, 66047.

"Lavender  Daze" begin! 

Our hours are Wednesday-Sunday from 9:30AM till 4PM except for Saturday when it is one till 4PM.  We will be closed Monday and Tuesday except by appointment. We hope to be open all summer and well in to the fall.  Please come and see us and enjoy the lavender fields.

As we all know, this has been a tough winter and so a good number of our plants are "still asleep;" however, many are just starting to gain their purple hue." Later this week we will post updated pictures. 

Please come by and see our drying barn, barn gift shop, and our more than 5,000 plants. 

More to come...




 Update May 22, 2014

Yesterday was a super day!  Mike Neustrom from Prairie Lavender Farm in Bennington, KS and one of the founders of the US Lavender Growers Association came to our farm to look at our plants and give us some advice on the status of our plants for the season.  As we all remember this past winter was  extremely cooooooold to say the least. 

His help and guidance was just terrific!  After walking the fields he thinks our plants, like many, are just slow to come back after the winter, and to "Give Mother Nature a chance" before we do any major  surgery on the plants.  Most have some green on them so he thinks we are fine.  A BIG thank you to Mike for taking the time to come to see us and to share his expertise!

Mike's farm, Prairie Lavender Farm will be holding their sixth annual lavender festival this June 21st.  It is well worth the trip to Bennington, Kansas to see his farm.  Go to for all the info on the festival!

One final note:  We will be at both the Lawrence Farmers Market and The City Market in Kansas City this Saturday May 24th weather permitting.

More to come...

 Update May 21, 2014

We will be at both The City Market and Lawrence Farmers Market this Saturday, May 24th. 

Please keep our fingers crossed that it does not rain during the markets!  Before or after is fine!  Also, we are still on schedule to open the farm June 1.  As we have mentioned in the past some of the plants may not have made it through the hard winter.  Today we are doing an evaluation of the various plants and hope to make a decison on what measures to take...cut back parts of the plant, dig it out and replant or just leave it alone.  More to come on our decisions.   

We are pleased that Kansas Living Magazine has highlighted us in their summer editon(  We are on page 18. 

More to come...

Update May 7, 2014

We are pleased to announce that we will be opening our farm for visitors beginning June 1 and running through the summer.  We are calling this "Lavender Daze"  Our hours will be from 9:30AM until 4PM Wednesday through Sunday(except Saturdays when we will open at noon.).  We will be closed on Monday and Tuesday; however, if there is something special we will open on those days by appointment. 

One bit of explanation.  This has been a tough winter for perennials and as of this writing we are not sure how our plants have faired.  Some look great while others may not have made it.  We are following our own advice when asked what to do when the plants don't seem to be coming back in the spring.  We say, "just wait and see, and give Mother Nature a chance with some good heat and rain and see what happens."  And, so we will do just that. 

There still will be plants to see, a new "Compatable Garden(CG)" is under construction and the drying barn will be up and running.  In the Compatable Garden we are putting in plants that go well with lavender--culinary, medicinal, decorative, etc. Also, our lavender shop will be open with lots of lavender products made from our organic lavender. Should be great fun!  More about all this later

And so, please plan on coming by this summer and enjoy Lavender Daze at Washington Creek Lavender!  Oh yes, we will be at the City Market in Kansas City this Saturday, May 10!

More to come...

Update April 30, 2014

Hello from the lavender fields.  The plants are starting to "green up" and we are looking forward to a great 2014! 

This Wednesday April 30, 2014 , Jack will be at the Hy-Vee on 6th Street in Lawrence from 1:30 - 5.  Also this Saturday, May 3 we will be at both the City Market in Kansas City(6AM-2PM) and the Lawrence Farmers Market(7-11AM).  Well actually, one of us will be in Lawrence and the other in KC!!!

Mothers Day is coming and lavender makes that " special" gift for that extra special person! 

In a day or two we will be announcing our summer hours for tours, and when the fields will be open for you to visit.  We really look forward to seeing you!

More to come...

 Update April 25, 2014

And so we finally had some rain.  Now we will be able to see how the plants did over the winter.  Please keep your fingers crossed.  We will both be at the Lawrence Farmers Market this Saturday, April 26th weather permitting.  We are loading the truck; however, if it rains we can't be their as our products do not do well in rainy weather.  Even if it rains please come by and support the other vendors.  More to come...

 Update April 17, 2014

We are excited as we are going to be at both The City Market and The Lawrence Farmers Market this Saturday, April 19th.  The City Market in Kansas City is open from 6:30 until 3 and the Lawrence Farmers Market is open from 7-11. 

We have lots of new products that will make great holiday gifts, and we look forward to seeing all our old friends and to making new ones.  Please come by and say hello.  "They" say the weather will be fantastic!

More to come about our summer hours on the farm!!

 Update April 11, 2014

And so it begins!  The Larence Farmers Market opens tomorrow,  April 12 from 7-11 on New Hampshire between 8th & 9th.  We will be there with lots of new products from eye pillows to dryer sheets to sachets. All made with our lavender grown right here in Lawrence, KS! Please come by and say hello.  The weather is supposed to be terrific!!

More to come...

 Update April 2, 2014

Winter is gone(we think), spring is here and it is time to go to the markets.  And so, on April 12 we will be at the opening of the Lawrence Farmers Market(LFM) and on April 19th we will be at both the Lawrence Farmers Market and The City Market in Kansas City.  The LFM hours are 7-11 and the City Market hours are 7-3. 

A brief update.  Our "compatable garden" has been layed out and tilled and now comes the planting.  We should have new plants in a couple of weeks.  The still is here and we are getting ready for our first "dry run."  It should be fun.  And lastly we have just about finalized our hours for the summer and we will be announcing them in a few weeks with what we hope are some exciting surprises. 

We look forward to seeing all of our old friends and to making new ones at the upcoming farmers markets!   More to come...

 Update March 21, 2014

Spring has arrived!  The flowers in the garden are starting to really grow and the lavender plants are looking like they want to explode with color; but not so fast.  There will certainly be some cold weather and of course some frost.  This week is work in the shop and then prepare the fields for planting.  Here is a picture of what we hope the plants will look like come June--ready to burst with color.  We have some exciting things planned for this summer so please stay tuned!

More to come...

   Update February 20, 2014

     This past week the Douglas County Conservation District(DCCD) awarded Washington Creek Lavender the 2013 Energy Award. 

     The DCCD indicates that the purpose of the Energy Conservation Recognition Program is to stimulate a greater interest in the conservation of energy by giving recognition to those Kansas farmers and ranchers who have taken measures to reduce fossil-fuel based energy consumption on their farms and ranches. 

     We feel deeply honored to receive this award and thank the DCCD for this recognition

     Since our last update we have been working on our barn store and getring ready for spring!  Yes spring "is" coming.  Also our lavender still has arrived and we will be doing some testing in 4-6 weeks in hopes of having lavender essential oil and hydrosol  by this fall!

     More to come...

Update February 9, 2014

And so as the new year is one month old we have already made some changes.  As of today our new on-line web store is up and running.  A new look, hopefully easier to use, and easier for us to manage.  It is a "work in progress" as every few weeks we will update the product list, provide customer comments and hopefully enhance the look(new pictures and replacing some of the old) and again the usability of the store. 

Also, the still was shipped on Saturday so we hope to have it here this week.  Then the fun begins--setting it up and making essential oil and hydrosol. 

Finally, we have had a number of calls from soon-to-be brides asking about lavender for their summer weddings.  From bouquets to lavender to throw(rice is out!) we would be happy to talk about how we may make that special day even more special. 

A weather report...we had nearly 14 inches of snow this past week and it is snowing as we are writing this update.  We need the moisture.

More to come...(we added the picture as to what we hope the summer will bring!!

Update February 2, 2014

And so a new year does begin.  Once again, thank you for your support in 2013.  We hope to do even better in 2014. To this end we have updates being worked on for this web site that should be completed in the next few weeks.  They should make it even easier to get around the site.

We are really looking forard to this year with lots of new and exciting happenings.  First, we have ordered our STILL and hope to have essential oil and hydrosol in mid to late summer!  Who knows there may even be some lavender soap in the offing as well!  We are going to add an additional 300 plants in mid-May to fill in where we have lost some over the years.  Just normal plant life replacement. 

Later this winter when it gets a bit warmer we will be putting some of the finishing touches to the new barn store we finished last summer.  Lots to do to make it even more friendly! 

Also the design work is underway for a "Special Lavender Garden" in front of the barn.  We hope to display many different types of lavender and the flowere that go with them.  It should be great fun. 

And finally, we will be posting our hours later this spring as to when the farm will be open for visitors.  We should start sometime in May and run through mid-fall.    We look forward to many guests coming by!  And so again, we wish you the best for 2014 and hope to see you soon!

More to come...


January 3, 2014



December 28, 2013

     It has been quite a year here at WCL.  Our road was completed and now it just has to mature.  The drying barn and lavender shop we needed for so long was finished in April and we had an open house the last weekend in June.  What a super turn out and we again thank everyone for coming.  We tilled for a demonstration garden which we will plant in late spring of 2014.  We planted lots of new plants early this past spring and they seem to be doing very well.

     We just joined the United States Lavender Growers Association and look forward to learning a great more about lavender! 

     If you look back at the past few sentences you will notice the word "we" is used a great deal.  That really is because "we" could not do this alone.  Many super people have been, and are, helping us along the way.  Again, thank you!

     This summer should be great fun as we have many new and exciting plans!  But first, we wish you the best for  a very Happy and Healthy 2014.  Stay safe and we will talk again in 2014.  Happy New Year!

more to come...

December 18th, 2013

A couple of days have passed and we are getting things back in order after a terrific Holiday Farmers Market.  We thank everyone for their support and for coming by in some very questionable weather.  Again, thank you!

     As we have mentioned before we had been counting the number of people who had come by our booth during the past couple of years to tell us that they had been using our dryer sheets for more than one year.  After we hit 100 we said we would stop counting and move on; however, we are now are 101.  A lady came by to purchase more dryer sheets and while we were talking she figured out that she had been using the sheets for a year.  We almost wish she could have stayed and talked to our customers for the rest of the day.  She was so ebullient about the dryer sheets and we thank her!

     We are still taking orders for the next few days in hopes of getting everyone to its destination before Christmas. If you are still looking for that unique gift for that "special someone" please click on our web store and browse around.  Our products are hand made and hand painted and we are certified organic.  Again, thank you for your support!

     From all of us here we wish you, as they say in Ireland, "Happy Christmas" and a very happy and healthy 2014!

     More to come...


December 13th 2013

Lawrence Farmers Holiday Market is tomorrow December 14th!

December 7, 2013

Just got the link for this so we thought we would share.  Jack has his voice back but still has a touch of the cold left.  It is -5 on the farm today.  Happy Holidays!

More to come...

December 6, 2013

Just a quick reminder that the Lawrence Holiday Farmers Market is one week from tomorrow, December 14th.  A question we get asked all the time is "What does it cost to get in?"  The answer is.......There is no admission charge, it is FREE.  Lots of great gifts for the holidays from your local farmers.  We hope to see you there. 

More to come...

December 1, 2013

The holiday season has begun!  We had our open house and the Pendleton's had theirs.  A great time at both events.  There is another big one left and that is the Lawrence Farmers Holiday Market.

Only 13 days left until the market.  You are certain to find that unique gift for that special someone.  Nearly 60  market vendors will be selling their wares, many with items made just for this market.  We hope you can make it!  We look forward to seeing you there!

More to come...

November 22, 2013

Even though the weather outside is frightful, inside it's so delightful(sounds like a great song lyric--hum) at the Pendleton's Open House, Saturday & Sunday, November 23 & 24 from 9-5.  We will be there with loads of lavender products for the holidays.  Please stop by and see us.  The address is 1446 E. 1850 Rd., Lawrence. KS.

More to come next week...

November 14, 2013

A big thank you to all that were able to come to our open house this past weekend.  Everyone seemed to enjoy walking in the fields and shopping in our new barn gift shop.  The weather was terrific(except for Friday night when the wind blew off two of our hoop house doors.  Quite a breeze!). 

     We will now be open by appointment only so if you would still like to come out and see the plants please call us at 785-748-0678.  Also, please come by and see us at the Pendleton's Country Market on Saturday & Sunday November 23-24 and November 30 & December 1 for their Holiday Open House!  Also, there is the Lawrence Farmers Holiday Market on December 14th at the Holiday Inn, 200 McDonald Drive in Lawrence from 9-5.

     And finally, we will be happy to ship holiday orders and put a hand written note in the package(be assured Kathy will write the note and not Jack.  We are sure you want people to be able to read it!).  To hopefully guarantee they will make it to their destination in time for the holidays we ask that we receive all orders by December 18th. 

     More to come...

November 3,2013

Just a quick reminder that we will be having our Open House this coming Saturday and Sunday, November 9 & 10 from 10-4:30 each day.  We hope you will be able to come by and walk in the lavender fields before the plants got to sleep for the winter.  They are not blooming now but they are still beautiful. 

Also, this past weekend at the City Market in Kansas City the 100th person came by and told us they had been using our dryer sheets for more than a year.  We had decided that if this happened(we had been counting) we would give that person a gift bag of many of our products.  It happened, and Katherine Lee of Kansas City, Kansas and her lovely family were #100.  We thank them for there kind words!

And so again, we look forward to seeing you this next weekend for some hot cider and a walk in the lavender fields at our open house!

More to come...

October 27, 2013

Please join us Saturday November 9 or Sunday November 10 from 10-4:30 for our open house and tour of the lavender fields before they go to sleep for the winter!  A great opportunity to see the fields and to select from the new handmade lavender products for that special gift for the holidays!  Hot cider and cookies will help to make the fall day even better!

Also, we will be at the City Market in Kansas City on Saturday November 2. 

More to come...

October 17, 2013


This Saturday we will be at The City Market in Kansas City, and Saturday and Sunday we will be at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin.   We look forward to seeing our old friends and making new ones. 

Also, this coming week we will be working in the fields getting them ready for winter, and we will be stripping the lavender that is still hanging in the drying barn.  Our barn shop will be open during this time from 9-3!

More to come...

October 10, 2013

After nearly two months of not being able to go to the City Market we will be there this Saturday, October 12, 2013.  Jack had emergency eye surgery and has been unable to read, drive or lift anything heavy.  It is amazing what a detached retna will do.  But that is  close to being history.  He has to be careful; however, he can drive and a full recovery looks(no pun intended) to be just around the corner.  And so, we hope to see all our friends this weekend at the City Market in Kansas City.

   More to come...

October 1, 2013

     Much has happened since our last update and more about that later.  Coming up this weekend is the Kaw Valley Farm Tour.  We urge everyone to visit the farms on the tour and support local agriculture.  This past spring we did not think we would be ready for the tour so we are not on it; however, we will be open with our new shop and a harvested and weeded(almost) lavender field for you to visit.  So again, we urge you to go to the farms on the tour and if you have a spare few minutes please come and say hello.  We are located at 858 East 800 Rd in Lawrence.Just 800 yards south of the Lone Star Church.

More to come...

August 9, 2013

Two important things happened back in early June(seems so long ago).  The organic certifier was here and we are pleased to say that once again we have been certified organic! 

     The second was that we had just about completed the weeding.  Well we did and they are all back!  With the good rain came the surplus of weeds.  And so, we start over again on Sunday to weed; that is if we don't need an ark.  We are not complaining as we needed the rain as it helped the "new kids" really begin to grow; however, it sure did help the weeds return.  And so it goes...

     Saturday the 10th Kathy will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market and Jack will be at The City Market in Kansas City.  We have lots of new products so please come by and say hello!

     We thank everyone for their continued support, guidance, and help as we move forward on this new(eight year) adventure.  We are so fortunate to live in such a terrific community!

July 26, 2013

The harvest is finished and a big thank you to all who helped.  It took more than a month but it is finally completed.  We are now going to open the farm for the next couple of months by appoinment.  So, if you would like to come by and see the plants all trimmed and see the status we are making on the "English Garden" give us a call at 785-748-0678.  We would love to see you.

     This Saturday, July 27, 2013 we will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market.  We have some wonderful dried lavender bouquets highlighted with Kansas wheat.  Really beautiful!  Also, we are starting to get ready for the holidays.  Yes, yes, we know it is way too early;  however, before you know it we will all be shopping for holiday gifts.  Consider lavender, it makes a super gift!  And so, it is back to packing the truck for the market.

     More to come...

July 18, 2013

Well today is a hot one and tomorrow they say will be hotter.  We called the harvesters in from the fields at about 11AM.  We have just about finished the harvest and it should be completed on Tuesday of next week.                           Here is a picture of the  drying barn! We are going to close the farm tomorrow(Friday)and Saturday, and reopen on Sunday from 9-1.

On Saturday Kathy will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market(7-11) and Jack will be at The City Market in Kansas City from 6AM-3PM.  Please stop by and say hello!

July 15, 2013

Again we say thank you to all the folks who came by this past week to walk in the fields and say hello.  We greatly appreciate your interest in our farm!

     And, as promised we have posted the links to the tv stories and newspaper article that ran last week.  They are "hot-linked" and may be found by clicking on the word press at the top of this page.  We thank Channel 6, Channel 41, KNST in Topeka and the Lawrence Journal World for the coverage of our efforts!  There were 14 "harvesters" in the fields this morning and we have lots of Grosso Lavender hanging in the drying barn. 

More to come...

     We will be open this week(July 15-19) from 9-1; closed on Saturday so we may be at both the Lawrence Farmers Market and The City Market in Kansas City; and open on Sunday from 9-1.  We hope you will be able to stop by and say hello!

July 9, 2013

The response to the farm has been super and we thank everyone that has come by to say hello and walk in the fields.  We will continue our daily 9-1 hours for this week and possibly next week as the harvest continues.  So please stay tuned!  There are still thousands of plants in the field with beautiful purple and white(yes there is white lavender)flowers to see.  The butterflys are everywhere!  As it is getting very hot the best time to come is between 9 and 10 to beat the heat! 

     Kathy has been hard at work with the harvesters and at the same time developing new products.  The fresh lavender this year is extremely long with stems nearly 24 inches!  Great for bouquets. Lots of culinary lavender, both pink and purple is available.  So, if you have time please steal a few hours, come by, and enjoy the beauty of lavender.

     Also, we have been fortunate to be featured in a KSHB CH 41 news story out of Kansas City about our farm, and in a Lawrence Journal World story about agritourism in Kansas.  We greatly appreciate the coverage! Links to follow!  Again, thank you for your interest in our farm and stay cool and safe in this warm weather!

More to come...


July 2,2013

Yes, it has been three years in the making(road, barn, shop) but are finally open.  Our hours for the rest of this week and "probably" next week are 9-1 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Closed on Saturday as we will be at both the Lawrence and Kansas City Farmers markets, and then open on Sunday from 9-1+.  Also there has been some confusion as to our address.  A small "bump in the road" but a bump none the less. 

     Our address is 858 East 800 Road, Lawrence Kansas 66047.  The best way to find us using google or any of the map programs is to locate the Lone Star Church on 800 Road in Lawrence.  Go south on 800 Road 800+ yards past the church, look to your left and there is a Washington Creek Sign.  Come up the hill and you have found us!     

     We have lots of fresh lavender, pottery by two terrific Lawrence potters, and loads of the products you see here in our web store.  Please come say hello and walk through the fields.  Please remember that we are a working farm so we ask that you are careful in the fields.  Take lots of pictures.  We hope to see you soon.  Hooray we are OPEN!!

     More to come...

June 30,2013

   And so it has begun. We are harvesting and we have opened the shop!  Our hours for the next two weeks will be Tuesday-Friday 9-1.  Closed Saturday as we will be at both the Lawrence Farmers Market and the City Market in Kansas City!  And open on Sundays from 9-1.  We hope this makes sense. Our address is 858 East 800 Road, Lawrence, Kansas.  Google seems to send people way out of the way.  So, if you want to come out to the farm go to Lone Star and the Lone Star Church.  Pass the church going south on 800 Road and when you have gone about 800-1,000 yards farther look on your left for a Washington Creek Lavender sign.  Go up the road and you are there!!

     It also has been quite a week.  We had NBC/Channel 41 from Kansas City out at the farm and they did a piece onm what we are doing.  It can be found at scroll down to Lawrence farmers or Lawrence couple.  Quite a nice story.

     The harvest is well underway with much more to do.  Again, if you would like to harvest please call us at 785-748-0678.  And so, here we go!!

More to come

June 18, 2013

A great week. Nine hundred  new plants arrived and nearly 1/2 are in the ground.  The barn shop is nearly completed and we hope to open by the end of the month.  And the weeding is almost completed and we hope to start harvesting by late next week! 

If you are interested in harvesting please contact us at

More to come...

June 10, 2013

What a super weekend!  With lots of help we have nearly 3/4s of the field weeded.  This picture shows some of the progress.   With another good week we should have the entire field weeded! 

     The organic certifier was here this week and all looked good for another year of being certified organic!

     Our barn shop is almost completed and our road is coming along.  We hope to have both completed before the end of the month.  More than 1,000 new starter plants arrive this week and they will hopefully go right in the ground before the end of the weekend(wish they would just "jump right in" but it does not quite work that way--we are finding out!). Everything seems to be 2-3 weeks behind so we will probably start our major harvest sometime in late June; yet, with the heat expected this week stay tuned!!

     This coming week we will be at two farmers markerts, the Clinton Parkway Nursery in Lawrence on Wednesday from 5-7 pm and, the Lawrence Farmers Market from 7-11am on Saturday.

More to come...


June 5, 2013

A rainy day but no complaints here; however, we do need a few days to get ready to plant our new starters.  They are scheduled to arrive on June 13th and we hope to get them right in the ground and then begin to harvest the existing crop!

Our barn is just about completed and we are starting to load in the cabinets, tables, etc. in the lavender country store.  Keeping our fingers crossed for a July date to open the store! 

The organic certifier was here today and all seemed to go well.  We walked the fields in the rain and reviewed logs, filled out paperwork, and talked about our plans for the future. 

This past Saturday at the Lawrence Farmers Market the 85th customer came by and told us they have been using our lavender dryer sheets for more than a year.  It is fun to receive this positive feedback.  We thank everyone for their continued support and we look forward to a super summer.

More to come...

May 22, 2013

Much has happened in the past couple of weeks.  Yes, the barn is "almost" completed.  The solar power is working well and we are able to work early in the morning and late into the evening to get it finished.  We are now in the trim/paint phase of the shop.  One more week--we hope less--but probably it will take that long before we are able to move things in.  Soon, we hope, soon. 

     Our new starter plants should arrive the first week in June and so we will be spending much of that week getting them in the ground.  Once they are in we are going to take a "final" count to know exactly how many plants we have(between 6,000 and 7,000).  The Clinton Parkway Farmers Market is up and running and we are there every Wednesday evening from 5-7(given good weather).  A couple of folks have asked us why we are not at the markets(Lawrence, Kansas City or Clinton Parkway)when it rains?  Our lavender products, sachets, eye pillows, trios, etc. all are fabric based.  If they get wet they are ruined; so we don't take any chances when it is raining(even if, as in Kansas City we are "under roof)."

     Speaking of "wet products" we had the 82nd customer tell us this past weekend that they had been using our dryer sheets for more than one year!!  Two customers told us they had used other "paper" dryer sheets with lavender and ours last a lot longer and did not fall apart as the paper ones did.  Thank you all for your kind words!!!!

     More to come......

May 2, 2013

     We sure did need the rain and all that comes is welcome; however, when it rains on Saturdays we can't go to the farmers markets as our products do not do well when they are wet.  To this end, if rain is very likely we will have to miss the markets--both Lawrence and Kansas City.  We REALLY want to be there but not much we can do.  Damp and wet lavender just dosen't work.  Speaking of "wet" lavender, at the last market we had the 78th person tell us they had been using our dryer sheets for more than a year.  We started counting a couple of years ago when the first person told us and we are excited with the success of the product.  We have had two couples tell us they have been using them for more than two years!  Hard to believe but true.

     Also, a number of folks have asked a few questions and we thought we would answer them here.  First one is, "Where do you get your lavender?"  We grow it on our farm in Lawrence; in fact we will be planting another 1,000-1,500 plants the end of this month which will give us approximately 7,000 in the ground. 

     Next one, "Who does your art work?"  All of our products are hand-made and hand-painted.  Kathy does all the painting(Jack tried and failed terribly!)  She also does the majority of sewing as well.

     Next question, "Do you give tours of the farm?"  We hope to open the farm for folks to come and see the lavender fields later this summer.  The new barn is nearly completed but given all the rain we are well behind on the road.  Once that is finished we hope to open the gates!  Also, both the sate of Kansas and Douglas county have approved Washington Creek Lavender as an agri-tourism site.  More on this later. 

     And finally, "Where do you sell your products other than at farmers markets?  We sell them on line(at this site), and at the Merc, Au Marche, HYVEE on 6th street, and at Pendletons Country Market,  all located in Lawrence, KS.

     And so, when the rain stops we hope to see folks at the farmers markets and remember to follow us on Facebook and on twitter, @wclavender.

     More to come...

April 22, 2013
Thank you to all that we saw this past Saturday at both the Lawrence and Kansas City farmers markets.  The weather turned out to be super and it was great to see old friends.  This Saturday we will only be at the Lawrence Farmers Market. 

To all who read these up dates we ask that you send us an email at so we may put you on our mailing list for our newsletter.  In this way we may better let you know about the activities on the farm.  To this end, the barn is coming along and we should have electric by early next week and then we can move in, build the new drying racks and put together our new lavender store.  It should be great fun.  New starter plants should be here around the last week in May and we hope to put those right in the ground.  Our road is coming along.  The rain has put us back a bit; however, we sure do need it so no complaints from here.

More to come...

April 18, 2013

Finally spring is here; well almost.  It's currently 35 degrees and raining(or sleeting depending on the moment!).  The barn is up and the electric is being installed.  We decided to use solar power and are really excited!  Two-thirds of the barn will be used for drying and one-third will be a lavender store.  So much to do so we are not sure when the store will open; but we will keep you posted.

     In late May we will be planting another 1,000 - 2,000 lavender plants.  The main variety will be Grosso with some Buena Vista as well.  Then in late June, given the weather, we will start this year's harvest.  This should take about two weeks, again depending on how the weather dealt with the plants; no rain last summer and lots the past two weeks!!

    Up coming schedule:   This Saturday Jack will be at the City Market in Kansas City from 7 AM until 3PM and Kathy will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market from 7 AM until 11 AM.  Also, catch Jack on KLWN Friday morning at 7 AM with Kim and Good Day Lawrence with a Farmers Market Update.

     And so, it's back to work!  More to come...

March 24, 2013

We certainly did speak a bit too early about winter being almost over.  Spring officially got here this past week and so did more snow; lots more snow.  In some places we have close to eight inches with drifts well more than 12 inches.  And it is still snowing.  Don't think we are complaining, as we are not.  The moisture is needed and we are glad to have it; enough of the weather report.
     The barn has been started and really is looking like a barn.  It will take a bit longer to complete given the snow; however, in a few weeks we should be working on the inside getting it ready for the summer.  Two-thirds of the barn will be used for drying lavender and about one-third will be a small "lavender store" so when you come to visit our farm you may take home some lavender products. 
     We will be planting another 1,000+ plants later this spring, finishing the road and barn and getting ready for summer.  We are not yet sure what our hours will be but we will let you know.  As for farmers markets, the Lawrence Farmers Market starts on April 13th and we will be the there.  We also hope to be at the City Market in Kansas City on Saturday, March 30if everything has melted!!).
     More to come, and again thank you for your interest in our farm!

March 3, 2013

     Well, winter is almost over but it sure does not feel like it.  We probably have 10-15 inches of snow still left on the ground and that makes it real cold.  We are not complaining as we sure did/do need the moisture.  Just let this all soak in and we will have a nice start for 2013.  It certainly will not get us caught up but it will help.

     The new road and entrance is just about completed.  Thanks to our neighbor Henry Nieder we made terrific strides.  Once the snow melts we will put in a bit more gravel and give it a go. 

     Later this spring we will build a new drying barn with a small lavender shop.  Not sure when this will be completed but we will let you know. 

     We have also been approved as an Agri-tourism site by the state and we are working on the final papers for the county.  More about this when everything comes together.

     Finally we hope to be at the City Market in Kansas City on March 30th to start off the new market season.  The Lawrence Farmers Market opens on April 13th and we look forward to being there and seeing all our old friends.

     Oops, one more finally.  We will be planting an additional 1,000 new lavender plants this June and this should take us to more than 7,000 plants.  We really have to count each one of the guys this spring so we have a real accurate number.

     And so, more to come and hope you are having a super winter.  Stay warm…


2013 New Year update

     We wish you the happiest, healthiest, and most successful of new years!  As we all turn the page, opportunities are endless, and everyone has so much to offer.  So again, Happy New Year.

     For us the last month and a half has been incredibly busy.  Lawrence Farmers Market ending and then the Holiday Market in early December.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us at the markets and to those who purchased our products. 

     We were on KLWN here in Lawrence all of November and much of December and we thank Kim, Jeremy and Hank for their terrific support.  What a great group!  Karen and John Pendleton had us out at their place—Pendleton’s Country Market-- to sell our products and we thank them for all of their help.  What a great couple!!!

     Our road is cut and and gravel has been laid and now we wait for it to mature over the winter.  Snow has fallen a couple of times which seems to have given our lavender plants a nice coat for the winter.  We needed the moisture for the road as well and we hope it is “hardening” as we speak.

     Kathy has been hard at work continuing to make new and exciting products and Jack is just beginning to look at “farm repairs!” 

     We have lots of exciting plans for 2013 and we look forward to sharing them as winter moves on and spring rolls in.

     Again, Happy New Year!

     More to come...


November 23, 2012 update...
     The road is almost completed.  Yes, almost done!  By this coming spring we should be able to use it on a daily basis. But before spring it's the holiday season. Kathy is working hard on new products and Jack is getting the booth ready for the Lawrence Holiday Farmers Market, Saturday December 8th at the Lawarence Holiday Inn Holidome.  It should be a terrific event with more than 55 Farmers' Market vendors.  From handmade clothes, hats, gloves and scarves to great foods, wreaths and veggies for the holiday season---and of course lavender sachets, dryer sheets and eye pillows!  We hope you all will be able to stop by and say hello.
     Kathy and Jack wish you all the best for a happy holiday season and a terrific 2013! 
     Much more to come...
October 25, 2012 update
This has been an exciting fall.  First the road to the lavender field has been started.  Yes, after more than a year of planning, permitting(if there is such a word), and scheduling, it is now underway.  We hope by Thanksgiving to have it completed.  
     Second, we are sponsoring Kim Murphree’s daily show and Jeremy Taylor’s About the House program both on KLWN, 1320 AM from now until sometime in December.  These folks are just super and we hope you will be able to tune in(either on your radio or on the net.  We are on with Kim on Tuesday’s from 7:30 to 8:00 AM and with Jeremy on Saturdays between 9:30 and 11 AM.
     Coming up later this fall on November 17th we will be at the last Lawrence Farmers Market for the regular season, at Au Marche on Mass. st. in downtown Lawrence and at Pendleton’s Country Market on both the 17th and 18th.  Plus we will be doing the Lawrence Farmers markets on October 27th, November 3rd and November 10th.  We will throw in a couple of Kansas City Markets and of course the Lawrence Holiday Farmers Market on December 8th just to round things out.  A busy, busy fall but great fun!
     More to come...

September 26, update...
     Summer is behind us.  The fields are harvested.  And now it is time to look at the beautiful color of the fall trees and get ready for the holidays; however, lots of things happening before we get to the holidays.
     A quick update on the road.  We hope to see dirt moved in early October.  So, depending on when you are reading this update we may be well on our way to Lavender Way! 

       The Douglas County Farm Tour is the October 6th weekend and we are excited and pleased that John & Karen Pendleton of Pendleton’s Country Market have asked us to be at their farm during the Farm Tour weekend with our lavender products.  We are honored and a big thank you to them!
       The Lawrence Farmers Market will continue until November 17th and we will be there!  Also, we will be at The City Market in Kansas City a number of times before the holiday season so please check our Facebook page for additional updates.
       And coming up on December 8th is the Lawrence Farmers Holiday Market at the Holidome in Lawrence from 9 AM to 5 PM.  More than 60 vendors will be there with great gifts for the holidays.
       If you have an extra moment please take a look at our revamped lavender store.  We hope when you are looking for that special holiday gift that you will consider one of our lavender products (Here comes the sales pitch).  They are hand made, hand painted and we are certified organic.  So please take a peak if you have time.
       And finally, we are in the process of laying out our new drying barn that we hope to build in early spring.  We have out grown our drying space and need much more room.  What fun!  A lot to do between now and next summer!  

     More to come and thank you for your continued support!...

September 1, update...
The summer is almost over, even though it still is in the nineties; we have had some rain, the hoop house ground is ready for planting and we are ready to break ground for the new road.  Whew, what a month!
     All things seem to run in fits and starts and we hope we are now in the "starts" phase.  With the help of some great folks, Ray, Henry, Bear, Tom, Jess and Jen to name just a few, the hoop house is ready for lavender plants.  The folks gave of their time and expertise and we can not thank them enough!  We will start planting in mid-October and it should be great fun and it gives us a jump on next spring(we hope).
     Kathy has been stripping lavender and sewing lots of products to get ready for this fall.  She has once again developed a new product...a "Dogdanna" a bandanna with a lavender insert for dogs.  Pictures will be up soon!
     We were not at the markets for the last two weeks of August due to rain.  Yes, Rain!  Our lavender products do not do well in the rain so we had to take a pass on going to the markets.  The lavender in the fields however, love it!
     Road construction looks like it will begin in mid-September.  We are poised for the movement of the first bulldozer.  We just can't wait.
     And so, it is back to the fields for Jack and back to the sewing machine for Kathy!
     More to come...

August 1, update...

 We are surviving the drought, but just!  For the first time we have had to put in a basic irrigation system.  It will help a bit; however, we are not able to get it to all the plants.  It is really a wait-and-see game.
     As for the hoop house, we have made major progress.  It does however seem like it is a "life-time" project; but no, we "will" have it completed by mid-August.  We must!!  
     The road up the hill progresses.  Well, it moves along through the final planning stages.  We hope to have it started later this month and then completed a few weeks after that.  It now is a race between the hoop house and the road!
     We met with the folks at the state tourism department and the Lawrence Convention Center and they were super.  Lots of tips, suggestions, and real worthwhile help.  They are all a great resource.
     Again, we hope you will consider our products for holiday gifts.  Honest, it is not too early to think about that.  In mere moments it will be......... 
     And so, it is back to the fields, finish the hoop house, and then drive up the road with our windshield wipers going.  One can only wish.  Until next time...

July 9th update...

     The lavender harvest is complete!  A big thank you to all the folks who worked to bring in our 2012 crop.  Even with the extreme heat we have had a bumper crop with the drying room being filled more than twice. 

     Our plants from the recent planting seem to be surviving.  We have lost a number but the vast majority is holding on.  We will post pictures.  The difference between lavender in full bloom and “bald” plants is amazing.

     Our high tunnel/hoop house is more than two-thirds complete.  All the steel work is up and now it’s the side curtains and then the top and ends and in another couple of weeks we should be finished(did not make June 30th!).

     We are still on track to have our road put in before the end of the year so we may have The First Annual Lawrence Lavender Festival in June of 2013.  If we don’t plan it won’t happen so we are moving forward and look forward to a super time.

     And finally, it is not too early to start thinking about that special gift for the holidays.  I can hear many of you saying, “Oh yes it is too early.”  But why not get out ahead of the rush and give lavender for the holidays.  Jack has “Deck the Halls” as his ring tone.  Some people ask if he forgot to take it off and he tells them he is early for this year.  The truth is he has it on there ALL the time.

     Until later...

June 11, 2012...Just had to call your attention to the article in the Lawrence Journal World this past Sunday, June 10, 2012.  We think Jennifer Smith did a great job capturing our venture and we thank her for taking the time to come out to the farm.

 On another note, harvesting starts in earnest this week so we will be up to our eye balls in Lavender...YES!!  Hoop House construction is moving forward and we hope to have it completed by June 30! 

More to come...

...And so Friday June 8 is here and we are getting reading for the Lawrence Farmers Market.  The Grosso Lavender is in bloom and we will be taking many "bunches" to the market.  Our hoop house is coming along.  This weekend we should have the rest of the perlins up and much of the wood installed(operative word here is "should."  This has turned out to be quite a task.  Fun, but a real interesting challenge).We have just finished planting nearly 2,000 new plants--Grosso and Buena Vista.  Both will have a beautiful hue and yet look very different.  Grosso has an elegant long stem with tight buds while Buena Vista is much shorter and has a more open flower; both are beautiful and delightful.  Our road to the top of the hill has not been started as of yet; however we are getting closer to the beginning of construction.  We hope to have it completed for next year so we may start an annual Lavender Festival in Lawrence.  We hope putting this at the top makes it easier to find and we thank you for your continued interest in Washington Creek Lavender. 

More to come...

For more than 30 years, Kathy Sanders was one of the United States leading food photographers. With more than 100 covers on Better Homes and Gardens publications and having shot for nearly all the major food clients, she was at the top of her game in 2003. Jack Wilson, her husband, was a television producer with 11 national PBS specials under his belt and more than 70 business-to-business training DVDs for sale in the international marketplace. Living in a loft in Chicago life was good! Something however was missing. And that was the outdoors. Both Kathy and Jack liked being outside. Yes you certainly could be outside in Chicago but you couldn’t really get your hands dirty like they wanted to do.

So, in 2004 they moved to Lawrence Kansas, Kathy's hometown and bought some land. They built a log home and started growing vegetables. The gods did not shine down on this venture— rainstorms, hale and high winds stopped it very quickly. So what to do?

The land was tested and it seemed to be perfect for two things— grapes and lavender and after much reading and study lavender won out as the crop of choice. But what type of lavender and would it really grow in Kansas? Seven different lavender types were tested and one won out.

To be continued...

...And Grosso was chosen, a French lavender with a great fragrance and a beautiful flower. Others were selected as well to include Gros Blue, Edelweiss, Beuna Vista, and Melissa each with a different smell and look from pink to white to deep purple.

The first year nearly 2,000 plants were put in the ground. Make no small dreams seemed to be the motto. But what about deer and rabbits and hail and high winds, and, and, and? Well luck was there. Rabbits and deer don’t bother the lavender, and the plants are short enough so the high winds don’t seem to bother it. As for hail, well so far it too seems to be gentle to the lavender.

Lavender began growing and the field developed that beautiful purple glow that everyone thinks of when they picture lavender. That’s great but now that it’s growing what can be done with it? The old marketing theory of “have a market” before you build a product seemed to have been thrown out the window. Well yes and no. The land really had to prove that it would allow the lavender to grow, in quantity, before a major marketing plan could be developed. OK, so maybe that is not quite true but at least it was the idea. But what products to make? How to make them? And most of all who will make them!?

To be continued...

...We had the land and we knew the lavender would grow (hopefully) and now, what to do with it? Kathy again stepped up. She had a list of products she wanted to develop and was going to make them--herself! Yes, she planted and harvested and now was going to make the products as well.

The first product was a 1/2 oz sachet and then a full oz. To make them unique Kathy painted a sprig of lavender on each bag. A two-color job and all painted by hand--no printing or stamp here, all by hand.

In a weak moment Jack volunteered to paint as well. This was not a real success and after eight or nine bags Kathy suggested that he go have a soda (she has kept the bags just incase Jack wants to try it again!).

Then came the neck comforters. Kathy kept testing and talking to customers and came up with lots of innovations; the comforter was segmented so all the lavender would not run to the bottom. Finger “grips” were put on each end to make them easier to grasp. And finally, the outer cover was removable for easy cleaning. When selling them we explain that they may be put in the microwave oven and heated for 30 to 40 seconds to make them work even better. One customer tried to put theirs in for 6 minutes and said it smelled like popcorn. Oops!! Not a good idea!!

Next were the eye pillows. Smooth on one side and and rougher on the other. These too may be placed in the microwave for a very short period of time or placed in the refrigerator to cool them down. Our customers tell us they are great sleep aids and really help relieve headaches.

Dryer sheets came next, three in a pack, and as of this writing 39 customers have told us they have been using them in their dryers for more than a year (two have told us more than two years!). Again, a Kathy design and a neat product. They also may be put in pillows, since they are flat, as a sleep aide.

Now we had the products (and more to come about our new ones) but where to sell them.

Again. To be continued...

Yes, there are more new products. Kathy was at it again and designed a set of coasters in all sorts of colors, each with a lavender insert. So, when you set your hot mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate on them, they release the scent of lavender. And, she even designed one for coffee or tea pots to do the same thing! Again, Jack was happy to be out in the fields when Kathy came up with this idea.

Oh yes, there is still another new product, “A yard of lavender.” Thirty-six inches of lavender divided into three inch squares. All in a long line and double stitched between each square so they may be cut and used in drawers or put in your pillow as a sleep aide.

And finally there are the fire starters to use in your fire place. When the lavender is stripped from the stems the stems are saved and bundled together to use in your fireplace. The bottoms have been cut square so they may also be used as a decoration (no sense seeing money go up in flames!).

Then came the question: “Where to sell the products?” First came the Lawrence Farmers Market. What a terrific group of vendors and customers. Every vendor has been so helpful in showing us the ropes and helping us set up in the dark. Jack still has trouble getting the picture centered that hangs on the booth so Jill of Moon on the Meadow (the vendor next to us) has to stand there every Saturday (if Kathy is coming later) and direct the hanging. It becomes even more funny every week. Then there is Don Flory with his hot cups of coffee that gets us all through the early hours. John and Karen Pendleton have been just incredible with their help, and there is Tom and Stephanie (they got married on our land this summer), Emu Annie, Kathy Hagen, Mike and Kitty Glass, Jozie and Brian and so, so many more. Again, what a great group!

The summer of 2010 found us with our own permanent space (we were floaters for three years— up at 4 am to make sure we got a spot-now we can sleep in on Saturdays until 4:30, wheee!).

The next big selling event will be the Holiday Market at the Holiday Inn Holidome, 200 McDonald Drive in Lawrence on December 11 from 9 am to 5 pm. Should be great fun and nearly all the vendors will be there.

To be continued...

Well the Holiday Market was a success and we have made it through one of the coldest and snowy winters we can remember. Or, are we just getting older and "each" winter seems worse than the last one?

Now it is spring and we are gearing up for the Farmers Market and getting ready to plant another 2,500 lavender plants. This will give us a total of nearly 6,000 plants. The land was tilled in late fall and should be ready to receive the little organic starters in late May to early June. The tractor has been serviced or should we say tractors. We now have a small John Deere and an old (don't let it hear us call it old) 1949 Ford 8N.

Kathy is busy working on product and getting ready to plant. Jack has been up on the hill doing some additional tilling. The land is just about ready; however, each time it rains it sets back the tilling schedule.

Our products are now available at The Merc and at Pendleton's Country Market, at the HyVee on 23rd when the construction is completed, and here on our web site.

To be continued...

Much has happened in the last few months. Our starter plants arrived all perky and ready to go in the ground. As we have mentioned before we get the starters from Oregon and they are all organic. Speaking of organic we are now officially certified organic. We have always grown our plants organically but never went through the "official" process--soil testing, visit by the certifier, etc. They loved the land and so we are OFFICIAL; but, we digress.

The plants arrived after surviving one of he coldest winters/early springs they have had in Oregon. They came into one of the hottest springs we have had in Lawrence. And so, the plants were shocked. Shocked so much that more than 1/2 of them died before we had a chance to get them in the ground. They were shocked and so were we! Many that were planted survived and now we hope they will survive the winter(they had less of a deep root growth than in the past as a result of the cold spring in Oregon so this may be a problem).

We are now back at the Lawrence Farmers Market after taking a few weeks off for a family emergency. All seems to be well and we are looking forward to a super fall!

Kathy is working on some new products. One is a holiday ornament for the Christmas tree-- a ginger bread man filled with lavender. What a great combination of fragrances--pine and lavender. We will have pictures up in a week or so. We also will have some new video up as well!

We have some great plans for 2012 but we will keep those secret until they are finalized. What fun.

To be continued....

Fall is nearly over and winter is fast approaching. The trees are almost bare and the lavender plants seem to be tucking their little heads down to face the tough Kansas winter winds. Still, given all of this it is a beautiful and breath taking sight to look out over he lavender fields and know that we have made this happen! Only a few weeks until the new year and we are all now in the middle of the holiday season; good meals, presents, and great friendships rekindled.

We are so excited to be "doing what we are doing"---raising lavender and making all of our own products right here in America! People are talking on television about how important it is to buy American made products and we agree. To this end for our local friends we will be at the Lawrence Farmers Holiday Market Saturday, December 10th at the Lawrence Holiday Inn. We hope you can come by and say hello and maybe pick up that gift for that "special" person.

To you and yours we wish you the happiest of holidays and a terrific New Year!

To be continued...

And so a new year is upon us!  Can you believe the winter; less than 3" of snow for the entire season(as of today).  We hope this is not confusing the lavender.  It certainly has the Daffys messed up.  They are nearly 5" tall and just about ready to bloom.  Hope it does not freeze for a while.

When last we were here we said their were some surprizes and we would let you know later if they were going to happen.  Well it seems like they will.  We are planning to increase the number of lavender plants we have in the ground from about 4,500 to upwards of 10,000.  And, we are in the process of putting in a new road to increase access to the lavender fields  and hopefully make it easier for you to come and share the beauty and fragrance of our lavender.  This will take a while but we look forward  to having the road in and working by harvest time in late June.  If this works we hope to have a mini lavender festival some time in mid summer.  "Hope" is the operative word.  The festival will depend on weather, the road and our ability to pull it together.  So, along with us please keep your fingers crossed.

We again will be at the Lawrence Farmers Market this summer in our same location(we have applied and hope to hear soon).

Once again, we thank you for your continued interest in Washington Creek Lavender and we look forward to seeing many of you this summer.

To be continued...

Well, as we said when last we were here “stay tuned” for what is coming next.  We have good news and news that is not as good as we would like it; yet, good anyway.  Make sense?  We hope so!

First, the real good news.  Our plants are on schedule and we look to plant another 2,500 lavender plants in late May/early June.  We are excited and will give you an accurate count on how many we have in the ground as the planting is completed(between six and seven thousand).

And more real good news, our Hoop House was delivered and we will have that up and completed by June 30. It comes in pieces and we have to assemble it.  A real task but we are really looking forward to doing it.  A couple of weeks ago we helped put one up at Red Tractor Farm.  Jess and Jen were terrific to work with and they had nearly 30 poeple helping.  A great experience!   Having the Hoop House is really exciting as it will give us a chance to propagate  our own plants. If you wish to help us put it up please give us a shout!

Now the not nearly as good news as we had hoped but still good news anyway!  We have been approved for our road and new entrance; however, this took a “bit” more time than we had anticipated so we are going to have to hold off on the Lavender Festival until next year.  We are disappointed; however, pleased that we have made the progress toward completing the road.

And finally, more good news, we will be back at the Lawrence Farmers Market beginning April 14th.  We have the same stall so when you walk in the west entrance walk straight forward to the westend of the east lot(next to Moon Over the Meadow) and there we are.

More to come later on our new products and where else we will be selling them.  Talk with you soon...

May 1, 2012...

Spring is here and so summer may be as well.  The lavender plants don’t seem to know what to make of the early warm weather so they have decided that it IS summer and they are going to bloom.  Many of the plants may be as much as a month early.  Wow, who would have guessed?  This means that within the next few weeks we will probably be harvesting some of the “early bloomers!”

Other news...Our Hoop House arrived(in parts of course) and we have begun the construction process.  We helped Jess and Jen at Red Tractor Farm with theirs so we learned a ton(also learned about muscles we did not know we had).  

And finally the Lawrence Farmers Market is open.  We have been in a “soft” opening, whatever that is for the first three weeks and on May 5 all begins(or began depending upon when you are reading this).  We look forward to seeing our old friends and making new ones at this year’s market.  

Another, “and!” We had the 57th customer come by the booth at the market on April 28th and tell us they have been using our Organic Lavender Dryer Sheets for more than a year.  They really do work!!!

Until next time...

May 28, 2012... 

What a month May has been!  First, we have gained momentum on building our 96’ x 20’ High Tunnel/Hoop House.  We have all the posts and the hoops up!  Our great thanks to Henry Nieder for all of his help. The wood arrived this past weekend and so you can see how we are spending our holiday!

New starter plants have been ordered(2,500) and we will plant them the first week in June.  A number of new varieties but more about that as they get in the ground.

We have begun to harvest some of the “early birds, ' the Buena Vista and Melissa (both of which may be used for culinary purposes) and we will be taking them to the Lawrence Farmers Market.  We are excited about this summer and look forward to seeing all of our old friends and making new ones.

Our major harvest will probably be the first two weeks of June.  Very early this year as weather has been so warm.

More to come...



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